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The goal of Fruitful Provision is to guide people to the path of living the most healthy and abundant life possible by educating them on the power of food, exercise, and smart life choices. At Fruitful Provision we firmly believe that anyone can make changes to their lives with just a little education and a lot of encouragement. Our programs include Health Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, Cooking and Juicing Classes, Menu Planning, Recipe Development, Fitness Strategies, and Corporate Wellness programs for businesses. At Fruitful Provision we can help you take your wellness goals from dreams to reality.
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Christine Cintron
Christine Cintron


Chef, Health Coach, Public Speaker, Leader, Serious About Wellness

Joey Passmore
Joey Passmore

Tech Director, Sales Person, Delivery Driver

Curious Nerd Who Fixes things!

What We Do

Fruitful Provision offers a wide variety of life changing health related services for anyone looking to change their life and take themselves or their company in a healthier, happier direction.
Corporate Wellness
Our Corporate Wellness Specialist are experts in developing and instilling a healthy culture into your workplace environment. With a heavy focus on employee interaction and personalized coaching for everyone our wellness program brings a unique approach to building a healthy workplace. Please CLICK HERE to learn more!
Health Coaching
Food choice and exercise has been proven to help with diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. These are just a few of the reasons why we offer a Free Consultation to discuss your specific wellness goals. Making any change can be difficult if you are going it alone. Fruitful Provision will help to establish your goals, make a plan to realistically achieve those goals, and take an active role in your journey to reaching your goals. CLICK HERE to learn more!
Organic Sauces
We have a variety of sauces to help with healthy cooking at home. From pasta sauce to dressings you will love the flavors of them all. Each sauce is packed full of nutrient rich ingredients to promote healthy organ function. All ingredients are organically or naturally grown, gluten free, sugar free, & non-GMO.

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